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The first article had said that most of the students who had withdrawn had lived in Calhoun—a college, like most of the others, where students live in suites of three or four students, in bedrooms organized around living rooms.

To anyone who knew Yale, the dots were cohering into a picture of sex parties, in which friends or roommates passed around a young girl.

The girl had identified three more students, according to the article.

“The alleged intimacies with the girl,” the article read, “are said to have occurred in Calhoun College, which she visited on two occasions, according to the police.” Yale is divided into twelve residential “colleges,” Gothic and Georgian dormitories built around courtyards.

The Yale students’ names were in dozens of newspapers, after all.


),” Eddie Cantor’s chart-topping hit of 1925, which tells of a fun girl with morals not unlike those, it was presumed, of the 14-year-old girl from Hamden. 8, 1963, two weeks before the assassination of one of its alumni would put more pressing matters in the newspaper, the The name Suzi got passed down in Ivy lore—and it’s been mentioned to me by numerous “Old Blue” Yale alumni.

After graduation, no Google search had informed prospective employers about their criminal pasts, and they went on to lead lives of distinction: several architects, a doctor, a small-business owner, a painter. Suzie would be 69 or 70, the men five or six years older.


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