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Half of the participants (55.8%) were positive to learning such therapy.

Communication about CAM between patients and the health care professions was found to be rare.

Classification to integrative therapy was low, and unfamiliar therapies were Bowen therapy, iridology and Rosen method.

Other Health ONE hospitals will get the cameras as well.

“It is newer technology, and we are really excited to have it because it does give peace of mind.

Thus, the aim of this study was to explore perceived knowledge about CAM among registered healthcare professions in surgical departments at Swedish university hospitals.

A questionnaire was created with inspiration from the CAM Health Belief Questionnaire (CHBQ), a Norwegian attitude of CAM study among oncology profession, the International Questionnaire to measure use of Complementary and Alternative medicine (I-CAM-Q) and the result from our previous qualitative Swedish study [].

This may also influence the health care providers' attitude toward CAM [].


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