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He is terrible at baseball and many other sports, often letting down Gian's baseball team.

Despite Nobita's flawed personality, he is a good person that is a rather likable character with a couple of positive traits. He is known to take pity on stray animals and is kind to most people in need of help, sometimes even Gian and Suneo Honekawa, who bully him often. His thinks from out of the box leads to new and bizarre ideas of ways to use Doraemon's high tech devices.

In the beginning of the series, Nobita is a rather lazy person who has a cycle of constantly napping after school, keeping him up late when he wakes up late for school.

This cycle of laziness occurs almost every day, keeping him up late night and wake up late the next morning, hindering him academically.

Nobita is voiced by Yoshiko Ota in the 1973 series, Noriko Ohara from 1979-March 2005, and Megumi Ohara from April 2005 onwards.

In one of the last chapters of the manga, it is seen that Nobita is the one who invents Doraemon (who is a 22nd century cat-shaped robot), though that ending is one of the three official endings.

An example of this is the new sport of free flying with the use of Doraemon's "power of wind" fans (fans that can create a gust of wind with just a gentle swish) and how he used the voice hardener, a device considered useless to Doraemon, for transportation.

Another example of his creativity was when he was provided with an imagination pill to make him think that he was in a swimming pool while being taught how to swim.


His imagination is the reason why he can write a great narrative, even with so many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Both events show Nobita's amazing talent at thinking outside the box.

Nobita's creativity is proof enough of his high intelligence, Unlike Dekisugi Hidetoshi, he lags behind in showing it.

(Beginning) Lazy, absent-minded, air-headed, whiny, timid, naive, clumsy, immature, crybaby, dependent, gullible, cowardly, idiotic, forgetful, sloppy, skittish, impulsive, curious, needy, reckless, foolish, lackadaisical, mischievous, troublesome, annoying, slow, weak, stubborn, creepy, judgmental, condescending, undisciplined, unwise, wimpy, nosy, inconsiderate, irresponsible, discourteous, useless, blunt, unlucky, miserable, oblivious, pathetic, predictable, wayward, pushover, narcoleptic, insomniac, talkative, back-talker(Developed traits) honest, kind, friendly, concerned, intelligent, creative (Philippines cast)Huang Yan Laugh (Chinese cast)Nuria Marín Piqó (Spanish cast)Davide Garbolino (Italian cast; second dub-2005 anime)Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Polish cast)Helena Mota (European Portuguese cast)Layra Campos (Brazilian Portuguese cast)Carole Baillien (French cast)Geni Ray (Catalan cast)1979 anime: Amenah Omar (Arabic cast)Marjolaine Poulain (French cast)Araceli de Leon (Spanish cast, some episodes)Laura Torres (Latino cast, first voice)Leyla Rangel (Latino cast, second voice)Romy Mendoza (Latino cast, third voice)Assumpta Navascues (Spanish cast)Massimo Corizza (Italian cast; first dub, first voice)Marco Joannucci (Italian cast; first dub, second voice)Helena Mota (European Portuguese cast, second dub)Angélica Santos (Brazilian Portuguese cast)Akash Ahuja (Hindi cast-previous)Simaran Kaur (Hindi cast-current) Nobi Nobita), known simply as Noby in the American and UK versions, is the protagonist of the Doraemon series.

Nobita was a failure of a person until Doraemon came from the 22nd century to aid him so he could have a better future in life.While his laziness is an issue, he slacks around in school.


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