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And it seemed as if she wanted to suggest, since all choice options are so flush with hedgefunder money, that charters and virtual programs can market themselves better or more. Finally, the fact that a CEO of a virtual K-12 company makes a great deal of money but does not translate to higher achievement for kids does not mean that any and every being involved with virtual education is that particular CEO.It is fine that there are numerous folks in any aspect of life who are out to make the highest amount of money without honoring their obligations because they are a very small, though highly visible minority.Otherwise, thanks for a great spread of ideas, concerns and the promise of possibilities for all kids. (Unless by making that sort of money, we have increased student achievement!) Sorry to not have edited the previous tome better!I support on-line learning for young adults who have dropped out of school and want a GED without going back into the school environment.

Tom Carroll, President, oversees NCTAF’s research, policy, and implementation projects, develops and maintains strategic partnerships, and provides thought leadership about transforming schools from teaching organizations into learning organizations.However, no one way seems to do it all for all kids.


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