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Without a doubt, sushi is one of Japan's greatest gastronomical gifts to the world.Almost poetic in its simplicity, good sushi relies on two things: the freshness of the ingredients and the knife skills of the chef.The Japanese politely refer to horsemeat as sakuraniku, or cherry blossom meat, because of its bright pink color.Its most popular incarnation is basashi, paper-thin slices of raw horsemeat dipped in soy sauce and grated ginger, frequently served at izakayas.Maisen (Jingumae 4-8-5, Shibuya-ku; 81 (0)3 3470 0071) is also an unbeatable stand-by.


These miniature "sea grapes" are not grapes at all, but clusters of an extraordinary sea vegetable found in Okinawa.

Minoya (Morishita 2-19-9, Koto-ku; 03 3631 8298), one of Tokyo's oldest shitamachi horsemeat restaurants, specializes in sakuranabe, a savory miso-based hot-pot dish of horsemeat simmered together with naganegi Japanese leeks and clear shirataki noodles.


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