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Gibbs uses fear to his advantage, while Vance cowers behind it, appearing to be unbreakable.

As discussed in the show, Vance is actively concealing a truth about his past, to his team and to his family.

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Eventually, she got what she wanted, but it came at a dear cost to Jenny.


Jenny eventually slipped into her role of director, and became quite good at it.

When she became obsessed with the ‘La Grenouille’ case, that was when she began to lose her focus.

Her past consumed her, and all she could focus on was catching and/or killing the arms dealer.

He shows courage and toughness at times, while at others he shows a defense mechanism. We know that Abby is a jolly goth, Ducky is a wise ME, Mc Gee is the elf lord, Di Nozzo is the goof-ball, and Gibbs is the fearless leader. He is very talented in the field of computer science, showing a well-rounded skill-set.

There is a moment when Vance is first introduced, and he shocks Mc Gee with his knowledge of computers.He is tough as a rock, and does not back down from any challenge.



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