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She was left really hurt by her break-up with Matthew [Janney] and it's taken her more than a year to feel ready to start again with somebody.They're really happy with each other and see each other whenever Emma does not have work commitments." STORY: Emma Watson asks fans to help find sentimental rings in heartfelt post It seemed things were going well for the pair after Emma was introduced to Mack’s parents in February."Oh my god, no, don't be silly," he immediately dismissed."I'm nothing but supportive and her biggest fan."Follow Charlotte on Twitter.and Andrew joins her on-stage for her monologue, making fans freak out over their amazing chemistry.March 2012: While they don't officially confirm things, the two are spotted kissing and holding hands out and about in New York.

star, who dated the American tech entrepreneur for nearly two years, is said to have called time on their romance earlier this year. The Oscar-winning actress, 28, and "Saturday Night Live" writer and segment director Dave Mc Cary have been dating for the past few months, People reports.Stone dropped by the Studio 8H set in early October during host Ryan Gosling's opening monologue for a brief cameo centered on "La La Land," the hit musical the pair starred in together. This isn’t the first time rumors have cropped up about the co-stars.


A story claimed that the stars had been texting and secretly meeting up in L. and London, but sources tell Gossip Cop it is not true.June 2015: After being pictured carrying a dry cleaning bag with Andrew's name on it, Emma is asked by the Wall Street Journal if the two are together.



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    There are plenty of cute nicknames out there, so go for something else. We also have our silly names like ‘sugar lips’ and ‘baby cakes’. But we are both Japanese-culture fanatics so he calls me ‘hime’ (which means ‘princess’ in Japanese) and so I call him ‘hoshi’ (meaning ‘prince’ in the smiliar language). Well my boyfriends name is Vicente and so I call him vinny. And it was hard to find a nick name for him but after a week of pondering through my thoughts I decided to all him Nikola! I always call my boyfriend ‘Honeybear’ or ‘Big Poppa’ or ‘Sungglebug’ or the usual Babe, Baby, Sweetheart. I love it when he uses my name instead of a nickname cause it makes me feel just as special and that I am the only girl’s name he says, kind of thing. I call my special guy Lovey, Honey, Hun, Sweetums, Babycakes, Love, Angel, Darling, and well, his name is Tim so I often call him Timmy or sometimes even just “T”. I also totally agree with the cartoon thing as well. I know I hang out with my Sonic more now that I started calling him that! For me and my boyfriend, we started out as calling each other our names. So, I took the first 3 letters out and it came to be ‘Nita’ & ‘Nito’. I had to really brainstorm it out and surprisingly it really fits for the both of us. I think he likes it because when I leave he texts me right away and says “I miss you”. We commonly disgust everyone around us with our disgustingly cute relationship. My boyfriend calls me ‘Pebbles’ and I call him ‘Bam-Bam’ (The Flinstones). He sometimes calls me bub, baby, babe, cutie and his supergirl. He fell in love with Tiger so I mainly call him that. We have been together for four years and married for 3 years and I love my Amore. Me and my boyfriend call each other Baby, Babe, Sweetheart, Babycakes, Booboo or Boobear. We’re really mushy when it comes to e-mailing each other. It makes us feel like them and that we will be together for a long time like Edward and Bella. we also call eachother the usuall boyfriend, girlfriend things such as baby, babe, sweetie, cutie, sexy, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful etc. And I mostly call him snuggle bud, love muffin or pooh bear. At times when we fight, and I have to make him up, I call him Pigtail, cause he behaves like one, always bent, and no matter how much you try it won’t straighten itself!

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