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Later in Egypt's history, Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty claimed to have executed seven Syrian princes at the temple of Amen in Karnak, then displayed six of the bodies on the temple walls.

Although he did not claim that it was a sacrifice to the gods, it shows that there is enough evidence that prisoners were killed at temples, making the depiction of Predynastic killings in front of deities likely to have actually happened.

One of the discovered bodies showed marks of the throat from having been cut before having been decapitated.

Offerings to the Gods One form of human sacrifices to the gods may have been in the form of slaying criminals and prisoners of war.

Human sacrifice is not generally connected with ancient Egypt.

There is little evidence of human sacrifice during most of the dynastic period of ancient Egypt...

Despite the pictures, there is not enough information as to why it was done, what happened with the blood in the bowl, or for whom it was done.

Other than the human sacrifice theory, there is another theory as to what is happening in the scenes: Two slabs were discovered dating to the beginning of the 1st Dynasty, one in Abydos concerning King Aha and the other in Saqqara, concerning King Djer.


who lives on the being of every god, who eats their entrails ...

but there is some evidence that it may have been practiced in the Nile Valley during the 1st Dynasty and possibly also Predynastic Egypt.


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