Does zac efron dating taylor swift


Red continues to be the theme for her next when she hits back at the haters embracing the ‘snake’ her twitter and Instagram were flooded with last year following the Kimye fiasco.

She switched her red nais for gold while her pet snakes serve her some tea.

That the songstress is also an amazing dancer was evident from the high energy dance routine that she had packed with back up dancers sporting the infamous I heart TS shirts.

Taylor opted for a blond curly lob and styled the dark look with fishnets, black high waist shorts and crop top. The deep tome of plum lipstick isn’t something we are use to see the star in.

era and she is putting an end to her former self with this new image she is creating.


In a luxury car, behind the flashy shades, dayum, is she throwing some serious shade at Kim Kardashian or what?After word broke out, several prominent entertainment writers/bloggers took to Twitter to share their own stories where they were asked to take down pieces by Tay's people. Taylor's lawyers once also requested (see: insisted) I take down a piece where I criticized her political apathy! With her soft curls swept at a side, the gorgeous face is adorned with glossy red lipstick and smoky eye make-up.


We generally don’t see Tay wearing her nails long but here is she flaunting some super long red claws.

This singer who throbbed the hearts of millions with her sensational music has been creating waves ever since. Jeans, Cover Girl (American Cosmetics company), Elizabeth Arden (for her celeb fragrances), Diet coke are some of the brands which signed up with Taylor Swift.


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