Divorced men dating younger women dating a russian girl

Once I needed advice on an unrelated situation and I asked him to see things from my point of view rather than from an older persons point of view.

He replied that he can do that for his daughter but not for me.

He is a great cook and he cooks for me often but he makes me feel very uncomfortable asking him for things that cost money.

For instance, I was once a few dollars short in paying for my bill and he gave me the money but with an attitude.

anywho, I dont think you should continue spending time with this man that doesn't seem like wanting another serious relationship the way you desire to have one.

Because at the end of the day, he already did the whole married thing..

Sometimes when he is angry with me, I feel as though he is acting out a previous event that he had with his wife. In his eyes I'm his queen - and i make sure he understands that( I make it a Well gymgirlie men have responsibilities after a divorce that you couldn't possible fathom. It is give and take, and time for you to understand that he is older, probably does care for you, but in a different headspace, and for you to grow up and be supportive, not tear him down.


I think that it is great that he provides for his daughter. He is uncomfortable with me living in his house with him, yet he has no problems paying the mortgage for the house that his ex-wife and child lives in.I am not with him for money but I think that a man should buy his girlfriend things every now and then. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't do these things for me because he used to do it for his wife and the relationship didn't work, so he feel disenchanted, like there is no need to invest that much into a woman.



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