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Barnardo’s continues to provide support for disabled children to this day. He had one eye, as a result of an accident, but otherwise was “strong and hearty”.

Fred Forty was born in 1875 in Cheltenham and admitted November 1888 aged 13. While in the Home for Sick Children he behaved well but it came to light that he began stealing and, it was believed, at the instigation of his father or sister.

This is the horrific moment a woman is tied to a tractor and beaten to death by a mob - after she was accused of being a child kidnapper.

Mentally disabled Otera Bibi, 42, had been living with her parents but wandered from her home to a nearby village in West Bengal, India, last Tuesday.

Police arrived later in the afternoon and rushed Otera to Jangipur sub-divisional hospital but she died of her injuries after the attack in the Murshidabad district.


Langweilig ist das nie, viel zu viel muss unbeachtet bleiben.

Die Bilanz eines Jahres, in dem sich auch in dieser kleinen Kolumne viele Lieblinge ganz groß hervorgetan haben.



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    And expats ended up just dating and hooking up with each other too.

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    Who have been some of the most ridiculous people to get into the taxi? They pretend they don’t care and end up getting kicked out.

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    Despite this, every day at noon, our phone pings with a message saying “Wow! Despite supposedly learning our tastes, we didn’t find our matches particularly great and because you get so few a day, it can be a rather long journey to finding someone you actually want to talk to, let alone go out with. Hinge: Free Hinge has a slick design and is meant to be for people who are over games and being treated like a “playing card”.

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    “We chose to limit our investigation to black-white interracial romances because previous research indicates that whites show the strongest opposition to black-white interracial couples,” according to the study.

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    Decisions: Show the decisions window, search on verified decisions, new decisions and decisions with no effective date.

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    It catches the flow of how things really were at the period of time it was representing.

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