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Whims govern kids, and even if we think we can mold their minds by sitting them down in front of the things we think they ought to watch, there’s no way to know what’s going to make an impression.

What if just a few frames’ worth of tattered samurai desperation or the sight of an impishly captivating Jean Seberg hawking newspapers along the Champs Élysées should open a side door big enough for a whole sensibility to eventually rush through?

I actually didn't really start to get into the research of film until I was much older.

Violeta Menjívar, Minister of Health of El Salvador• CD55/DIV/2 - Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Etienne, Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau and Regional Director for the Americas of the World Health Organization • CD55/DIV/3 - Opening Remarks by Dr.Pastor Castell-Florit Serrate upon receiving the PAHO Award for Administration (2016)• CD55/DIV/9 - Remarks by Dr.



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    Within my own family, I had two gay uncles who died of AIDS-related illnesses before I was 10.

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    A candidate who's really in the know would drive to John's Roast Pork or Tony Luke's in deep South Philadelphia, where he could park his caravan smack on the median of Oregon Avenue and slurp a steak Italian (with greens and sharp provolone) in the shade of the I-95 overpass.

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