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We did a show with all the nominees, doing five minutes each.

Our show was a narrative, so it didn’t cut down well to five minutes.

@rvzilly, who lists her interests as “Mighty Boosh, Kasabian and Richard Ayoade”, threatened to decapitate @Miss Spidey. Fielding only bothered to show any remorse for sending his followers to bully a woman off the internet after The Sun ran an article on the story.

Noel Fielding is a terrible, terrible human being, perhaps one of the most repugnant, on a personal level, on this whole list.

”But the other day, Fielding was on some ebony and ivory shit on Twitter noticing that people around the world are all the same, and if you disagreed you must be “retarded”.

Twitter user @Miss Spidey “did the right thing” and said that it’s an offensive word to use.

There are biro drawings, paintings on plates and collages. Then I thought I couldn’t go on doing stand-up as Jesus – I should do it as myself. We had a really bad one when we won the Perrier newcomer award.I read an article once that she said that claimed he tried to pursue her (but the source was something like…the mirror or daily mail or something really not very reliable, tbh) and when she reappeared on the Buzzcocks, she joked that she hung out in his garden watching him or something, but I don’t think they ever officially dated, but I couldn’t really tell you for sure.The sooner he’s reduced to his inevitably standing in five years time, when he and Barrett are doing The Mighty Boosh tours of student nightclubs to ever-decreasing audiences, the happier we’ll all be. I hurt my imagination on the side of the coffee table !


Noel Fielding talks to Metro about doing a stand-up routine dressed as Jesus when he was in college, meeting a sniffy Mel B on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and his new art book, The Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton. It’s a book of my drawings and paintings, some short stories and some nonsense.

However, she said he wasn't returning her texts at the moment.



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    In early decades, Sundays were occasionally used for practice and/or qualifying, but were used sparingly in pre-World War II years.

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    My ideal distance to keep in public is at least an arm's length. Sometimes it's rapture being wrapped in his arms; later I may need to be in a room of my own, shut away.

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