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I pulled my credit card, booked a flight, and started getting nervous. With a warm welcome and opening by Denise Bixler, owner of Bix Pros, the mic was passed to Ken Campbell, COO of Gunsite who took us through the history of the facility, which is the oldest shooting school in the country, and gave us a solid safety brief.I’ve taken almost 1000 hours of training over the past few years with guys like Pat Rogers, Steve Fisher, Kerry Davis, John Chapman, Chris Costa, Ron Avery, Matt Jacques, Erik Utrecht, Freddy Osuna and others, and while that is not much to some it is much more than a lot of folks get. It was definitely not a bunch of weekend warriors, nor was it all pipehitters. Kicking off the day with the Pledge of Allegiance got everyone in the right mindset and focused on the task at hand.At some point I have to ask him about a supposed scorpion bite on the dick.


With perfection being all 40 shots in the Alpha zones of an IDPA target, I had three Charlies and in my head was able to call every single one of them as they were shot. After the qual, we reconvened in the muster area where Chief White took us through some history of the AR platform, some extremely basic BZO ballistic theory, and told us the end-of-the-week goal was to “get within 20-30% of what Leatham can do with a pistol, but with a carbine.We explored three distinct trigger finger positions and the merits of each: finger out of the trigger guard, finger touching the trigger but not moving it, and moving to the “wall.” All were justifiable depending on your shooting style and capability.


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