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But maybe a blasé attitude comes with growing up with genius; it becomes easy to see it as the norm.Dayton has yet to recover from its decades-long loss of manufacturing jobs; the population has declined by more than 25,000 people since 2000.t’s a quantum science kind of math problem, the kind no slide rule can solve.

Webb says he’s waiting for local agencies to sign off on permitting before he schedules an opening.

Earlier this year, Webb announced a soft opening in late May, but has since revised that target date. Whenever the Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center gets up and running, Webb envisions it as a place to enshrine the music, as well as a community center with meeting spaces and an educational component.

He sees it as a celebration of funk on a global level. Because if any place can call itself the world capital of funk, it’s the Gem City.

ust an hour away from Cincinnati, Dayton was an unfathomably fertile musical town in the 1970s and 1980s.

What Seattle was to grunge music, Dayton was to funk.

We’re a grassroots movement without a budget.” According to Webb, who has retired from a job with the state to devote himself to this project, he has drained his savings, putting some ,000 of his own money into the establishment.


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