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And at the time I’d think to myself “he just told me this story 2 days ago, Lol”.But now I would give anything to have him tell me one of those stories again.( I still love my Gold & White teapot that she gave to me ).She loved to laugh and tell vivid descriptive stories.If you ever feeling like talking to someone please call me @ 631-948-5157. I will never forget you and your kind giving heart. Your dollys will continue to be given hugs as you always requested me to at the end of every call. xoxo Eric and Irene, I am very sorry to hear of your loss which is always a very difficult situation for all of us.


They especially liked playing in your home as Kevin, Kelly and I did when we were young. from St Catherine's to the life endeavors of you and Jackie and Bill and I...

She was always wanted to know :are enjoying yeselves?

Here generosity and sense of Joie de Vivre set her apart.

You all have been such an extraordinary family to Jack by giving him unconditional love & support. John Ziegelmeier Dear Marie, Santo and family, please accept my deepest and sincere condolences for the loss of you son, Anthony. Bob was my Best Friend for the little over 2yrs that I have known him.

I will pray for him and his soul to reside in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bob taught me a lot about fixing up old house ,showing me how to fix my cars, but most of all Bob taught me a lot about life.I only hope that the memories you have will help ease the personal difficulty you are experiencing at this time.



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    As long as these discrepancies can easily be accounted for, there’s probably no need to worry.

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    It is common for addicts to seek instant gratification and experience a transfer of addictions, particularly in the earlier phases.

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