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Chyna played Nicki's body double in Kanye West's Monster video in 2010.

Also on Thursday Tyga gave a radio interview where he said he warned Rob about Chyna, saying she was hard to handle.

The siren was seen smooching Mechie in a video shared by Rob Kardashian earlier this month during his revenge porn tirade. And the crooner is known for his over-the-top Vine videos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians claims the beauty sent him the clip to anger him. On July 5 Kardashian attacked Chyna on Instagram by sharing nude photos of her and also claiming she slept with eight men in one month (Mechie was one of them he said).

The makeup mogul talked to People on Wednesday to clear the air about her issues with Rob.'I'm glad to be relieved of Rob, but damn why did I have to get relief in this way? Chyna added she felt tremendous pain when she learned he had released nude photos of her.'Words are words.



Atsuko Kudo is well known for their amazing latex designs.Match your mini dress with a pair of barely there sandals and a choker for your next night out with the girls. The song features the lyric, 'Just to race with Chyna!



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