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The Most Beautiful Handan People rewards 20 winners in the city of Handan in China’s Hebei province for their selfless contributions to society.

It was not clear whether the show went ahead with a substitute presenter or whether it was postponed.

On the opening night of the Proms this year pianist Igor Levit played Ode to Joy wearing an EU badge.

A statement from he Albert Hall and BBC, which organises the Proms, said: 'Flags are permitted, however our primary concern is the smooth running of the festival.'On this occasion a small number of people with large flags caused disruption to the audience and performers at the front of the arena.

Zhang was not believed to have been hospitalised by her ordeal.

Symptoms of hypoglycaemia typically come on quickly and can include confusion, shakiness, clumsiness, slurred speech, fainting and, in rare cases, death.

Some audience members watching The Most Beautiful Handan People thought at first that she was clowning around and applauded but soon realised the situation was real.

There were even rumours that the 26-year-old had died.


The play, like the book, has graphic scenes of torture.

An incident following one performance led to people getting into a fight, according to After a performance last week, actor Olivia Wilde, who plays the role of Julia said: “I’m not surprised, since this experience is unique, bold and immersive.

“It allows you to empathise in a visceral way, and that means making the audience physically and emotionally uncomfortable.” She later apologised for the shock she may have caused in a tweet. ” Adverse reactions to the production may have also been caused by the strobe lighting and effects.

Ben Brantley, a reviewer at wrote: “Though I usually don’t provide trigger warnings in my reviews, I feel obliged to do so here.

The interrogations that Winston undergoes in the play’s second half are graphic enough to verge on torture porn.” Ms Wilde is no stranger to the violence of the novel, having broken her tailbone and split her lip during a preview performance, and fellow actor Tom Sturridge, broke his nose.

The Audience Game is a Filler segment on some game shows which gives members of the Studio Audience a chance to win a prize by playing a minigame — which is usually a shortened version of the bonus round or something related to the main game.


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