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Both west of the Ashley and east of the Cooper lie suburban bastions of beauty.Toss in a high divorce rate and you've also got plenty of older single ladies looking for a good time.She does, however seek out men who share her same interests and hobbies (she likes the beach and the mountains), regardless of their age."The limiting factor is that probably 99 percent of those men who are single are younger." Pop culture may claim that cougars are strong and powerful, but few women have found the same silver lining as Ginger Emas.'Younger men' is just another type." As for why Emas likes younger men she says, "[They] have a ton of energy, and they tend to be up for anything.They also really appreciate a woman who knows what she wants, how to give, and how to enjoy herself." She adds, "Here's the truth, and I didn't make this up: I read it somewhere and confirmed it by asking all my guy friends if it's true. When an older woman is about to have sex with her younger guy, she's thinking, 'My boobs are too low, my stomach's too big, my butt is too flat.' The younger guy is thinking, 'Yay! ' " And once the action starts, Emas says it's "hot, long, lots of round twos." Corky Summers shakes off the cougar title completely.

"There are lots of women who tend to date certain kinds of men.

Burdened with heavy eyeliner, sallow complexions, and plenty of wrinkles, these women perpetuate the sad side of the cougar stereotype.


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