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Hinduism does not have a uniform belief, but rather includes elements of monotheism, polytheism, and even atheism – depending on the particular tradition and philosophy.

Thus it is difficult to assess whether their "gods" are names of the different powers of one central God, or are different spiritual being, angels, forces, etc., carrying out God's will. Interestingly, after the death of Abraham's wife Sarah, the Torah says that Abraham took a wife named Keturah. to the land of the East." (Genesis 25:1-5) The words, "Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac," indicate the Isaac alone was the spiritual inheritor of Abraham's legacy – which was the ability to continue the Jewish faith.

I am trying to grow in my Judaism, but I need to be delicate so as not to do too much too fast or he may object.

Do you know of any resource that identifies the things in common between Judaism and Hinduism?

One can still meditate even though one embraces Judaism.

Naturally it will be necessary for one who has been used to meditating with the aid of a mantra to choose a mantra that is not offensive to Judaism.

Darshana literally means "seeing" and relates to the different ways of "seeing" the Divine and attaining moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.


► Ramayana: This popular epic tells the life story the noble prince named Rama, whom Hindus believe to be an incarnation of the Divine.

The second category of scripture is Smriti, which literally means “memory,” and is distinguished from Shruti in terms of its origin.

Teachings in Smriti texts are meant to be remind adherents the eternal truths of Shruti, and read and interpreted in light of changing circumstances over kala (time), desha (land), and guna (personality).

(Some mantras are names of idolatrous eastern gods.) An excellent guide is called "Jewish Meditation" by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (Schocken Pub.).

Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Way), is the world’s oldest living religion.

Hinduism also advances the concept of the equality of all mankind, as expressed in the ancient hymn: Mankind, in turn, carries a special responsibility to honor the underlying equality of people and unity of existence because it is believed to be the most spiritually evolved. This true, unadulterated pluralism is captured in the ancient Sanskrit hymn: In relating to other religions, Hinduism asserts that it is not only harmful, but inherently flawed to insist that one’s own path towards God is the only true and meaningful path.


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