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The salsa artist planted a kiss on Lopez at the Latin Grammys in November, but that wasn’t enough to rekindle the romance.

Casper Smart (2011-2016): A five-year on-and-off romance with the much younger dancer ended when Lopez reportedly caught Smart cheating.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez have been dating for four months Ojani Noa (1997-1998): Lopez wed the Miami waiter in 1997, but the marriage lasted less than a year.

Noa tried to sell a book about their relationship but Lopez sued and the manuscript was shut down.

Torrie Wilson (2011-2015): The WWE star stuck by Rodriguez for more than three years, including during his MLB suspension in 2014.

Demi Moore (2012): A-Rod and Moore were spotted on a dinner date in the West Village in July 2012 in what was considered a best friend faux pas; Madonna and Moore were longtime friends.

Cynthia Scurtis (2002-2008): A-Rod’s six-year marriage to Scurtis resulted in two daughters — Natasha and Ella — and ended in an ugly alimony battle.

Madonna (2008): The Material Girl claimed they were just friends, but Rodriguez’s wife blamed Madonna for their divorce.


Weiter »| Datum: | Herausgeber: AFV Hessen | Kategorie: Ausbildung |Der Verein TSV 1896 Gernsheim e. wird vorläufig mit Wirkung zum als Mitglied in den AFV Hessen e. Im März 2018 findet der Lehrgang in der Sportschule des Landessportbundes in Frankfurt statt.

Lopez was also charged in the incident but the charges were dropped soon after.


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    Or, 95.4% of the time, he’s just thinking, hey, there’s an outside chance I could get laid here. If you want steady boyfriend leading to marriage and 2.3 kids and he wants Wednesday Arm Candy #3, we have a mismatch.

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    This has prompted an increased need for testing among sexually active residents. Read More A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the subject of HIV has uncovered some shocking statistics about Americans living with HIV. The report found that 15% of those people were unaware of their current…

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