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If you receive a ticket, you must choose one of the three options listed on the back of your ticket within 15 days. Plea of Guilty - Payment of total fine By choosing this option, you are admitting that you are guilty and you must pay the total payable at the bottom of your ticket.If you fail to respond to the charge, you may be convicted. You can pay the fine online, by mail or in person at any Provincial Offences Court location.It is important to understand that a Justice of the Peace cannot remove or reduce demerit points and cannot reduce the charge.Demerit points are applied by the Ministry of Transportation upon conviction and the court cannot change the demerit points to be applied.And when combined with the Symposium’s customer service and quality, it’s no surprise that Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge continues to be honoured with Readers’ Choice awards including Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, Best Family Restaurant, Best Business lunch, Best Desserts, Best Atmosphere and Best Bistro.Your offence notice (also known as a “ticket”) or summons sets out the offence with which you are charged.The form will be submitted to a Justice of the Peace.


The Justice of the Peace cannot remove or reduce demerit points.If you or someone on your behalf does not attend the scheduled court date, it is your responsibility to find out from the court office what happened, including whether a trial date was set and for what date.


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