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And it'll look ace in the accompanying Brew Dog-branded stemmed glass, which will hopefully find a place at the front of the kitchen cupboard, waiting for the next modern ale to froth up to its rim.Buy now The Belgians are not only responsible for brewing the best beer in the world, but they also serve them in the best glasses.Buy now Keen beer guzzlers will have noticed the recent surge in subscription services offering regular deliveries of bottles and cans.Honest Brew, Craft Metropolis and Beer Bods provide some of our favourites, but for you keenest beer hunting mate we’re recommending a new service from Hop Burns & Black.These days, the choice of take-home beers is infinitely better, and a booming beer industry means there is a vastly superior range of associated merchandise and ephemera for the ale enthusiast to enjoy.We’ve picked out a selection that will satisfy the hardest-to-please beer nerd and the less fussy drinker who simply likes a bit more ale indulgence over the festive season.It takes the reader on a global journey through time, exploring the science and magic behind brewing beer and the pleasure to be had from drinking it.Anyone reading it will come away crammed full of beer knowledge and armed with some amusing tales to tell during their next pub session.


Five Points XPA Session IPA is an easy-drinking, full-flavoured beer; Yeastie Boys Inari Biru Rice Beer is great for those interested in trying new flavours; and Northern Monk’s Northern Star is a delicious mocha porter that provides some comforting, chocolaty Christmas supping.Buy now If you've got a stubborn relative who shies away from modern beers by always sticking to a pint of “the usual” instead, then stuff this in their stocking to give their taste buds a tweak.Punk IPA is a contemporary classic, loaded with tropically fruity and punchily bitter hops, wrapped up in a boozy, clean malt body.They include Hook Norton’s exceptional strong English ale Twelve Days; Moon Gaze Winter Porter from Norfolk Brewhouse; and Great Orme’s Brewdolph – a beer that sounds like the punchline to a Christmas cracker joke.


Give this selection to your best beer mate, invite yourself round to their house on a cold night and they’ll be duty bound to keep your spirits up by sharing a few of these festive treats.The only extras required are a pan to boil it in, bottles to store it in and a little time to make and drink the spoils.


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