Dating etiquette for older people

You can actually get fined (not serious amounts) for smoking while walking or smoking in prohibited areas.While enforcement is low in most places, trains are one of those super-prohibited places, like hospitals and schools, where you actually will get in trouble for smoking.You are told to keep your phone on “Manner Mode” while on the train, as to not bother other passengers in case someone calls or texts you.You will hear announcements every five minutes in both Japanese and English, reminding you to keep your phone on “Manner Mode.” Trains are typically pretty quiet, so a beeping or ringing cellphone is pretty obvious.Person A will get up out of their seat and move towards old person C, trying to get them to use their seat.And then, person B (possibly who didn’t see person A or old person C), will notice the empty seat and sit down. Because of genetics, most don’t have body odor (to learn why, watch this awesome video).Generally assume that you can’t smoke freely anywhere in Japan. This rule is a bit more obvious; they have signs everywhere, and make public service announcements (in both Japanese and English) every couple minutes. Likewise, if you are chatting on the phone, waiting for the train, try to finish your conversation before you get on board the train.



My cell phone has a “Manner Mode” button that I can press and hold to turn “Manner Mode” on and off.

Then person A will turn around with old person C in tow, only to find the seat occupied. Imagine being stuck in a train like this full of people with bad body odor. The only time I’ve ever seen my fiancé (Ryosuke) use deodorant was when he used my lavender-scented stuff one day for fun, just so he could “smell me every time he sniffed his armpits.” I’m not even going to talk about that.


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