Dating emotional cripple

(Warning: Repeated viewing of instead, and save yourself the pain.) But real-life Unattainable Crushes, sadly, aren’t much fun. So, before we send you back into the crush-pursuing trenches, let me ask you this: Is this guy really worth it?Trying to get noticed by the guy (or girl) everybody wants can really make you feel like a desperate groupie, and as you’ve discovered, “finding excuses” to talk to him has a tendency to look like… Obviously he's is super-appealing, but there’s a red flag in his “record for being unattainable”; most Unattainable Crushes are unattainable for a reason, and it’s usually not good. He might be hot, smart, and funny, but if he thinks these things make him too good for 99.9% of the human race, he’s also a nightmare waiting to happen.He is really cute, and nice, and smart, and makes me write run on sentences.However, I am not the first girl to notice this, and he has a record for being "unattainable." We also hang out with very different groups, him with the popular group that went to his middle school, me with the nerd group that went to mine.Here are some of the ones I’ve heard from men inside HHH: Do any of these ring a bell?Many women sick of being married will deliberately do everything they can just to be out of the house. Does your marriage contain dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity?Does it seem like she’s become nothing more than an empty shell?


Is it a huge struggle to engage your wife in conversation?(Note: To avoid the aforementioned creepiness, if he doesn’t respond, you’ll have to let it go.) Obviously, either one of these requires a fair amount of bravery and rejection-risking—there’s no way around it.


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    , come on in) #gangbang (So you think you can handle more than one do you?

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