Dating anniversary presents for girlfriend


So if you do choose this gift, be sure to make it personal by getting one that is related to her interests to show that you at least put some thought into it.

And, it would probably be a good idea to combine it with a small non-gift card gift, so she knows some effort was exerted.

Hurt feelings can linger, and could affect a relationship long after the suspect gift was presented.

While there are some exceptions, fashion apparel should typically be avoided.

Building the relationship on credit can be even more devastating if the relationship were to end suddenly - not to mention the tension that could be caused if she knows you're spending beyond your means.

Don't allow your gift to become a source of stress or guilt for the recipient or for yourself!


If you consider giving a gift card, just be aware that this could be viewed as "taking the easy-way-out". Buying her something she's already pointed out to you is most likely your absolute #1 BEST BET.It's true that you both might enjoy a fancy new barbecue grill or that big screen TV you've had your eye on, though chances are that she'd see the gift as being more perfect for "Boy's Night" than a gift that was chosen with her in mind.


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