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Indians had come to the United States as early as 1820.

But the distance and restrictive immigration quotas meant that by the end of the 19th century, less than 800 Indians are recorded to have emigrated here.

Small Sikh male worker communities soon sprang up all along the West Coast.

From the early 1900s until 1922, there were up to 100 Hindus working at a timber mill near Portland, Oregon, with their neighborhood nicknamed "Hindu Alley." In San Francisco, a Hindu temple was dedicated in 1908.

Even today, Indians comprise about half of the population of Guyana, while in Trinidad and Tobago, Indians comprise about forty percent of the population.

The Census does not track lndo-Caribbeans separately; they may identify themselves as Asian Indian or Pakistani, or choose the Caribbean country of origin.

The median age changed from 28.9 years in 1990 to 30 years old in 2000.

Slightly more than one-quarter of the Asian Indians in the United States were born in the United States.


According to the recent Census data, Indians had the highest median household income, family income, per capita income, and annual median income of any foreign-born group.In the Central Valley city of Stockton, California, the first organized society of Sikhs was formed in 1911, with a temple built the following year.


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