Dating after a vastectomy

But a friend of mine also had one, then at 56 met the love of his life. He had some frozen sperm, so they went through the invitro fertilization routine, and after four tries and mega $$$$$$ she's now expecting at the end of the summer. Canoist I wouldn't tell her for at least a year, that way I would know if I could trust her enough to think about marraige.

And if you're monogamous, that takes care of the STD question.

Birth control is not just for unplanned pregbnancies, it helps regulate periods.

I think, out of fairness and respect for the person you are dating and if the relationship is a serious one, you should tell them about this.In some areas you can have a vasectomy with having no children at all. I'm only 20, I want children so a vasectomy would be a huge issue for me. I can't see a vasectomy becoming an issue when two people feel the heat for one another .. but blending two people in love to raise babies that see love is far.. lucky enuff to find your long term lover is all that matters..I would be heartbroken that he hadn't told me sooner. If it is communicated and it is an issue than she is not really feeling the desire for you anyway... if you love that person so much that you would want to raise babies with them than their other options.. only ego that gets in the way would be an issue and egotistical people don't make great moms and dads .. I say that what consumes you in the fire of being in love is not about circumstance it is about being.. you can take on the day and the world when someone desires get this'd purposely have you g/f continue to take medications that alter her body chemistry just so you could run your charade?

This is exactly the type of control freak most women run screaming from..they find out the truth.And obviously your plan is to make them so insensitive to being lied to because they stuck it out with you for a year that now you can tell them or have them do anything with no integrity and it's OK?


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