Dating a bachelor


A good number of eligible bachelors always have a kid or two for whom they have refused to take responsibility or lay claim on in the background,” he explained, adding that others like himself are singles who are spoilt for choice or confused by the high number of women throwing themselves at them and are just waiting to be cornered for that almost inevitable rite of passage called marriage.From our observations and responses from several bachelors we spoke to, an eligible bachelor has to be heterosexual to the core, must have absolutely no desire for marriage regardless of his advancing age or any form of committed relationships.“These are typical examples of bona fide commitment-phobes with wealth or higher social status.Actually, it is bachelor’s high social class that makes them special and tolerable.“They do anything humanly possible to win them over or just to have babies with them”.However, desperate to get such men to commit, women forget they are not ordinary and average Joes.

“A battalion of aunties always throw a spanner in the works by hooking up such men with potential mates, hoping he marries one of them.Generally, women tend to be attracted to unattached men with higher social standing, especially those who have great looks.


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