Dating 1965s

Comments: imagine you were 60 years old and could choose a cask in a warehouse, and imagine you would find a great 30 year old Macallan. Would you dump it in a rum cask (and then sell it for 250€ a bottle)? They’re all very good and this one is no exception. Comments: I like the Original better, I think it’s fresher and cleaner. Nose: a little more complex, dry, herbal teas and leather.


Then more tar, peat and liquorice, a tad heavier but never ‘too much’.

As for yeast and barley, I guess they can’t be the same as 1903’s but never mind, it’s the end result that counts. And much less fruity and vanilled notes than in other versions. Mouth: rich, creamy, rather more ‘Glenmo’ now but there are many many spices starting with various peppers (no I won’t list them all just for the sake of sounding smarter), a little mustard and ginger, then coffee beans. Rum Nation is an independent bottler, owned by the people who are also behind the excellent whisky bottlers Wilson & Morgan. Rather compact, with notes of honey, orange cake and sugar cane as well as a little vanilla. Nose: completely different from the 8, much more aromatic and extremely unusual with these notes of diesel oil, honeydew, pine liqueur, thyme and liquorice liqueur. Mouth: oily, very thick, just as resinous as on the nose. Very nice, let’s hope the palate won’t be too sweet. Finish: medium long, clean, half grassy, half sweet. Nose: rather less expressive than the Hors d’Âge at very first nosing but gets then very nicely nutty and resinous, also with more oak, vanilla, toasted bread and coffee… Maybe tiny-wee touches of garlic, that’s interesting! Comments: clean fruity ‘modern’ spirit, not the most complex ever but perfectly made. Quite some oak as well, slightly green tannins, more tea… The aftertaste is very nice though, on bitter oranges and pepper. Now, lovers of ultra-grassy (and limey) whiskies will probably love this. Punchy and very citrusy, with litres of lemonade and even gin (gin-fizz), tonic water, artichoke liqueur (I think Cynar is one) and other very grassy items.


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