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Growing up in a small town, where the only excitement was drinking, smoking and fucking, I opted for all three.

At 18, I was the girl all the boys knew they could fuck and it didn’t have to lead to a relationship.

I squeezed his cock and sucked him harder and faster.

His body replied just as I had wanted it to, I felt his cock explode in my mouth and I swallowed his entire hot sticky load.

The usual course of A/S/L followed…along with the standard question “are you hot? Not that I am a great speller or even close to being one, but most first graders could spell the words he was mistyping.I heard the knock at the door, then my mom’s voice booming through the house, “Hey, you’re friend is here; get your ass down here.” I ran down the stairs, stopped to kiss my mom’s cheek then I was out the door, into the cold night air.


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