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The Bible says that even their clothing did not wear out.

The chances of finding any physical evidence of the Exodus itself seems extremely unlikely.

There was no burlap bag remaining—it must have rotted away.

We are told repeatedly that petrification (or petrifaction) requires an unimaginably long time—millions of years—to occur.

Is there any physical evidence for the Exodus described in the Bible?

If you were to read the popular press, you would come to the conclusion that not only was there no evidence, but the evidence actually contradicted known archaeology.

Although they look like bags of flour, they are heavy and difficult to lift.



How can we counter this argument from a creationist perspective? Petrification can be accomplished by either or both of the two processes you describe: permineralization and replacement.

On a secular site someone countered with the remark there is a diffferrence between mineralization and fossilization.

The first being what happend to the flour sacks, empty space between the subject material being filled with minerals, which they agree would take just a little time to happen.

However, the events surrounding the Exodus (both before and after) are testable and datable.


Unfortunately, extremely strong evidence for the validity of the Exodus has been published only in the scientific journals and never made it to the popular press. Bruins and Johannes van der Plicht reported in the prestigious British journal, Nature, C dating).

Grey and smooth, the rocks have a fabric imprint, resembling coarse canvas sacking. The bottom of one sack is elongated and even preserves a pattern of stitching.


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