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On a recent weekday, the star is biting into a Timbit on the realistic-looking set of character Oz Bey’s new bar Pasazade, which is built to resemble a pub in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood.“Come on, the food’s ready,” says Ennis Esmer in character as the hospitable Oz, pointing to foil-wrapped trays of Turkish kebabs on the bar counter. He also stopped drinking alcohol several years ago after starting work on the series.“You really have to treat your body well or you won’t last,” he says. You have to give up your other life.”It was perhaps that train of thought that led him to muse that Season 5 would be his last in a media interview last year.“When I first started doing this, it was such a shock to the system. That didn’t go over well with his family.“My dad, my uncles were asking if this was the last season.“We don’t want to do a murder mystery where the telepath is standing beside the bad guy and it’s over in two minutes.Toby now just reads what is on the periphery of someone’s mind.This season, Toby is seeing more action scenes, but he is rarely the one initiating contact. It is, after all, a show about what goes inside your head.“I’m playing a character who is frequently playing a character.He has a mask on constantly to hide his power, and he’s also having an internal link with other people’s minds,” says Olejnik.

But keeping the script fresh in the fifth season is a challenge.It has also retooled the formula from being more of a genre show to a self-contained police procedural.Season 5 has Olejnik’s character, Toby Logan, move more into the world of the Integrated Investigative Bureau from his former, more staid life as a paramedic. Still, the characters are sometimes so intent on solving the clues that they seem as if they’re not having that much fun along the way.It then becomes the marriage of Michelle Mc Cluskey’s (Lauren Lee Smith) good interrogation skills and Toby being able to snatch the clues.”The premiere episode has Toby investigating a serial killer who uses snakes as a calling card.


There is also a later episode in which he has the challenge of interrogating someone with schizophrenia.

That is in contrast to CBS’s The Mentalist, in which actor Simon Baker is rarely without a three-piece suit.


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