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Fictional characters can often be found wearing clothing that just looks too good to be real.


Contrast Rummage Sale Reject, Cheap Costume, Impossibly Tacky Clothes.Unless, of course, the character in question is a woman in a Bishoujo Series, as clothes-tearing near-misses are a hallmark of fanservice.Note that despite the name given this trope, such outfits need not be cool, or even particularly good-looking.Long story short I now have full custody and he’s in therapy as a happy 6yo with next to no real memory of that time. Come to hear from her sister 6 months later none of any of that had happened 8. Arthur Aron guided pairs of strangers in tasks specifically designed to generate closeness.

Part of the experiment involved answering a series of 36 questions and then staring into your designated partner’s eyes for four straight minutes. Aron’s methodology famously resulted in an official marriage.Shaggy's shapeless green shirt is just as indestructible as Superman's cape. (Which, of course, might have been the point behind the color of Shaggy's shirt.


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