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So you write off the past hour and get out fast, deleting all traces as you go.Some apps show you if you and your potential match have any Facebook friends in common, which in Malta is the norm, not the exception.We offer attraction tickets to all the best Malta attractions including the Malta Experience, Malta 5D, Casa Rocca Piccola, Mdina Experience, Knights of Malta, Medieval Times, Malta Classical Car Museum, Mediterraneo Marine Park and many other attractions in Malta. You could be touring the ancient temples in the morning, cruising to the Blue Lagoon in the afternoon and dining in the centre of one of the historical cities at night. Malta & Gozo have between them some of the oldest free standing temples in the world dating back over 7000 years!Why not join one of the tours in malta and explore a history which has seen the Arabs, Carthaginians, Romans and many other powers dominate and rule the Maltese Islands.Collectively we have over 50 quality tours available.Besides local tours our portfolio includes a variety of other leisure activities and fantastic attractions. Because Malta is small in size it is surprising how much you can do in a single day.For the millennials who grew up with social media, it's a natural extension of their screen-staring social life, whereas for older singletons it's just done in hope that it will be a quicker, easier and healthier alternative to dragging themselves around Gianpula on weekends, hoping that if they get tipsy enough and wear their tightest outfit, magic will happen.


Plus you might find out stuff from their Facebook page that will put you off before you've even given them a chance. That hot barista who makes you walk an extra ten minutes for your coffee?

Shortly after the fall of the Knights' againt the French, the British occupied the Maltese islands.


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