Consolidating layers photoshop

To get an idea of what some of these tools can do, mouse over the icons and you’ll get an explanatory tool tip.

I’ll explain some specific tools in the following sections of this tutorial.

It contains a bunch of icons that represent the different tools Photoshop offers to alter and create images.

These include tools for selecting specific areas of images, changing the colors of the image, stretching, transforming, and erasing parts of an image, and many more.

To accomplish this, click on the word Once at the bottom of the Timeline panel and change it to Forever. Click Save and place the GIF in a meaningful location.

If the animated GIF will be shared on the web, it should be scaled to a suitable size, such as 1024 pixels in the long dimension. Open Adobe Bridge (or the Finder/Explorer if you prefer), locate the GIF in the Content panel and Control-click (PC: Right-click) to open a contextual menu.


Open application The first step, of course, is to open the application.

First, delete all hidden (unnecessary) layers by choosing Layer Hidden Layers. In the Layers panel, collapse (consolidate) all expanded groups by clicking the inverted triangles to the left of the group names.

Now we need to determine which layers make the most sense in our story.

Repeat the steps from the previous paragraph to add as many frames as are necessary to tell your story.

Feel free to click through the frames as you go to check your work, but remember to always activate the last frame before continuing to add new frames.Return to the Layers panel and switch on the layer or group that illustrates the next step (page) in the creative process.


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