Connect to playstation network without updating no credit card needed dating

While the price hike might cause some Play Station Vue subscribers to quit in a huff, the reality is that Sony’s Slim plan was an exception to how streaming bundles work now, and it was probably unsustainable in the long run.Its demise merely brings Play Station Vue in line with the cost of its competitors, underscoring how streaming bundles today have limited ability to keep prices in check.The service had been around for about a year at that point, but only in a handful of markets where it had arrangements to offer live, local broadcast networks.Meanwhile, rival Sling TV was gaining traction with a nationwide service that left out those network channels.Last week, Sony wiped out Play Station Vue’s price advantage over other streaming bundles, raising the subscription cost by per month in many markets.Sony previously offered a “Slim” version of Play Station Vue in places that didn’t get live broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.ABC, CBS, and NBC have all inked broad streaming deals with their affiliates over the past few months, while Fox is engaging its affiliates in a game of hardball to make more streaming pacts.

Hulu launched a live TV bundle with all four major broadcast networks, as did Google with You Tube TV.Sony does deserve criticism for the timing and communication of its announcement: The company’s FAQ page and customer emails don’t even bother explaining the price hike, and its only attempt at justification came in a brief statement to CNET, which points out that 78 percent of the country already gets at least one broadcast channel.Still, the change itself was inevitable, as Play Station Vue was always supposed to include live local channels from the start.Instead of advertising different prices in different places, these bundles all started with the assumption that everyone will get local channels in the long run.

Now, local affiliate stations are starting to get on board.So instead of winning on value, Vue must now compete on features and the minor distinctions in its lineup.


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