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There is a lot involved in training and/or using a service dog, that man are unaware of.

In order to understand what is involved in having and using a service dog, and deciding if a service dog is even right for you, you HAVE to do a lot of research!

“My dress was the very first one I tried on,” Patterson tells PEOPLE.

“I knew it was the one immediately.” Patterson also says she knew almost immediately after meeting Caldwell at a mutual friend’s wedding more than three years ago that he was the man for her.

TOGETHER each and every one of us CAN make it through life living with or beside PTSD…

🙂 Service Dogs for PTSD (or other disabilities): Part 2 Choosing a SD candidate and Self-Training or Not Okay, I had MANY questions coming to me after my Alex and service dog write-up yesterday, which I felt calls for a Part 2.

Olympic gymnast Carly Patterson has a new title: wife.

The athlete, who took home the gold medal for women’s all-around in gymnastics in the 2004 Olympics, tied the knot with Mark Caldwell, in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday evening, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.



YOU being here and reading this is a huge step no matter where you stand on the subject.Says Patterson, “Mark and I had the most incredible night of our lives celebrating with all of our close friends and family.


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