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I had no problem finding members to speak with in live-time, although for the most part the communication was slow, likely because of the translation required.

All of my emails received a response within a week, most within 48 hours.

I asked why everyone’s photo seemed so attractive and professional, and was told the women need to have a certain quality of shots taken in order to get on the site, as well as a rigorous process to ensure the same photos aren’t posted elsewhere.

The costs of contacting members on Anastasia Date is a bit different than most dating sites, for a couple of reasons.

I’ve reviewed, literally, thousands of dating sites over the last decade – this is the first one where I couldn’t try it out myself. I’m always shocked and how much folks get heated up about this site. Then sign up here, or scroll down below to share your own Anastasia Date review and experiences.Get a great discount on a huge range of business cards, marketing materials, signs and banners, as well as website and Internet marketing ideas and services.Vistaprint provides invitations, stationery, clothing and promotional products, as well as photo gifts and calendars, labels and magnets.So, I’ve left it to you, fair readers, to let me know your experiences.


Looking to cut down on your customised printing costs?Still, the site is inviting, and really easy to maneuver around.


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