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They would ride in a limo up the school gym where Catalina would meet Sam and of course she would flaunt their relationship in front of them. " Catalina said in her meek voice for the first time ever showing fear.But tonight Mika paid the driver to go to Eagle Mountain first. "We wanted to do something special for you mistress. Katrina opened the backdoor and they walked down a short hallway and came to a stop in front of a door.It was obvious that as time went on during their senior year, Katrina and Mika would not be the same.Katrina's mom Charlee started to notice the change. Katrina and Mika were continuing their duties as sex slaves to their mistress Catalina.It was something that they started to love, But only regretted having to serve Catalina.The plan was obvious while her husband was gone on a business trip. Eagle Mountains would be starting at 6pm and Sunnydale Academy would start at 8pm.Have Catalina and her mother gangbanged at their Prom! Catalina had lifted the ban on Katrina and Mika not going to the prom since they had been such good slaves.


Mika held the cum in here mouth while Catalina pulled of Mika's red panties with black lace trim.Things got worse when Mika was kicked out of her house and her parents dropped her off to live with Katrina for the rest of the School year.


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