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You do your thing, young lady, and look at the people who are in your corner. As a female this story makes me nervous about its content, not because of the subject matter, but because I have no idea if I have got the actions and feelings right.On Thanksgiving Day, many of your favorite writers will post Western stories. As writers, we want to thank you for reading our stories, leaving us your feedback and your votes. Thanks to the Literotica staff for hosting our stories, and especially Laurel, who was so helpful and kind as we were putting this together.Mark your calendar for November 23, Thanksgiving Day. Full story list is HERE You may expect to find stories from the following writers: Amyyum Andyhm Awkward MD Blackrandl1958 Burntredstone DTIverson Eclare Girlinthemoon Harddaysknight Joedreamer Just Plain Bob laptopwriter Lost Boy Mainefiddleheads Malraux Markelly Oshaw Qhml1 Raisa_Greywood RWSteward Silkstockingslover Steffiolsen SW_MO_Hermit Todd172 Tx Rad ----- Feel free to contact us anytime if you have an idea for an author collaboration day or any sort of fun story event!As for the question raised by more than one comment about lack of productivity by some authors outside these events, there is more than one reason for that.1 - In any category of literature you can find prolific writers and at the same time those that produce only one or two works. For some it keeps them going a long time, for others, it may stop after only one story, or even, God help us, in the middle of a story that gets the reader hooked and looking forward to the next chapter! That's right, people actually pay money for online stories published elsewhere. Of the stories I have read, they range from 5000 words to 80,000. Romance, Loving Wives, BDSM, Lesbian, Gay, and others.He loved that dildo as it was shaped like a man's cock with veins running down its length.Often he would fantasise that it was a real cock he was riding as he fucked himself to a climax.


His wife and daughters had left hours ago and his wife had already confirmed their arrival at the health spa where they were visiting for some mother / daughter bonding time.

"Whatever" laughed Tony to himself, what it meant was he had from now until Sunday evening in private, nearly 48 hours to do what he wished.

Drying himself Tony looked in the mirror naked and studied what he saw.

It was her that had introduced him to the pleasures of a dildo in his ass and had on occasions fucked him with a strap on.


Tony knew his wife would not be interested as she wouldn't contemplate Tony touching her ass saying it was wrong, so heavens only knows what she would say if he mentioned his desires.Alternatively, you can go to the "Tags Portal." There is a search function there. They may, or may not, be under the username listed on this page, but they are all proven and popular writers. They took the score off, but there's still that red H.


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