Chat live room house wife

You could add it like wallpaper or make it removable like she did. (Source: Mali Azima) I have never thought of adding copper sheeting to a space like this until I came across this photo from a hotel. (Source: Bikini Berlin) Or mix the materials you use like this concrete and wood wall. I’m sure Stacy would have a thing or two to say about cleaning it however.(Source: Design Web Winkle) You can simply add wood tongue & groove slats to any wall, or add faux wood columns, or use it as a textured element. (source: Martha Stewart) (Source: One King Design) This uneven wall made from reclaimed wood is awesome! (Source: Dezeem) Adding volume, texture and color can create a truly inviting and engaging space that you can be proud to show family and friends.In designing and decorating rooms, the walls and the floors seem to be the main things that people focus on.


I am a house wife, I married a rich man, but I am very unhappy. (Source: Style Me Pretty) Stencils are a great way to add pattern to your walls without the commitment of wallpaper.


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