Cancer female and taurus male dating Chat sex cams face to face

If your sexual relationship is not satisfactory, you begin arguing with each other; in this relationship, frustrated sexuality turns to anger.Assuming that there are no physical impediments, the potential for becoming pregnant is high, (i warned you) so it is essential to be scrupulous in the use of birth control methods if pregnancy is not desired.You will assist each other a great deal over the years.This is likely to be a deep, meaningful, lasting relationship.A flair for the art of love, too, is a gift you share.Each of you also has quite a bit of artistic potential and you can encourage and inspire this in each other.

Being in one another's presence evokes in both of you the desire to confide, to tell your stories, to speak about your private selves. There is often a sentimental or nostalgic tone in your discussions.

Of the two of you, Cancer is the more emotional, sensitive, and moody, while Taurus is more steady, practical, and even-tempered.(hahah lies) Taurus gives Cancer a reassuring sense of security and is like the Rock of Gibraltar for Cancer during times of emotional stress and turmoil.

Cancer may wish, however, that Taurus was less impassive at times.

Cancer likes romance with overloads of affection, and this is ecactly what Taurus looks for in love. Both of you are very domestic and need a strong, secure home base in order to be happy.


The sharing of food, nurturing of children, and creating a home together would be very satisfying for the two of you.

If you have children, then you are very dedicated and involved parents.


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