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To share our app, choose the ‘Invite Friends’ option through our app menu.A unique link will be generated for you which you can then copy and share with your friends.When you purchase a Zeek credit voucher, you will receive a redemption code.When you claim this code you will receive its full amount to your Zeek account.Zeek Choice is issued as a unique code which, when redeemed, loads your Zeek account with the specific value.


The guarantee covers: Zeek purchases are non-refundable unless covered under our 1 year money back guarantee.

Occasionally our algorithm gets it wrong and locks orders until they are manually reviewed.

So we can review and process your order, please email [email protected] and we’ll unlock and process the order as quickly as possible.

This policy in is place to protect all of our members.

For security reasons, an e Gift card with a valid balance cannot be refunded once the serial number is sent to your Zeek wallet.In this case, they will be able to remove the block.


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