Britney spears dating history

Trawick offered to look at questions over email, but never responded.) She returned in her 2009 Circus comeback tour, during which Britney stood glassy-eyed in sold-out arenas, lip-syncing her old hits.Some people noticed the new Spears looked vacant, but it didn’t matter.“I’m fine with the way I am.” Spears said that her friends still try and set her up – although she finds dating difficult and hasn’t been on many successful dates.“I will say there’s been two dates that have been kind of cool but other than that it’s just too much,” she said. Britney's two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James But regardless of her relationship status, the absolute loves of Britney's life are her sons, Sean Preston, 10, and Jayden James, nine. Later that same year she tied the knot with Kevin Federline, and the couple welcomed two boys together before their split in November 2006.The tabloids were speculating about a Hawaii wedding.But summer came and has nearly gone, and Britney hasn’t walked down the aisle.

A source inside the Britney world talked to People and tried to swat away these rumors.But in 2007, after the sad series of bizarre personal episodes, Britney’s career hit a wall.


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