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Naïve (CD19], and tested for their capacity to proliferate in the presence of BMP-6.

Additionally, BMP-6 induced cell death in activated memory B cells.

Importantly, the antiproliferative effect of BMP-6 in B-cells was completely neutralized by the natural antagonist, noggin.

B) Dose dependent inhibition of BMP-6 of anti-Ig M induced DNA-synthesis of CD19 B cells (relative proliferation ± SEM, n = 3) and C) the Burkitt lymphoma cell line Ramos (relative proliferation ± SEM, n = 3).

Ramos cells were cultured for 72 hours and [3H]-thymidine were added for the last 4 hours.

However, BMP-6 inhibited anti-Ig M induced DNA synthesis in the two subpopulations to a similar extent, with a mean reduction of DNA-synthesis of 45% (n = 5; p ≤ 0,004) for naïve B cells and 48% (n = 5; p ≤ 0,001) for memory B cells (Figure B cells were isolated from peripheral blood and stimulated in triplicates with anti-Ig M (37.5 μg/ml) or anti-Ig M and CD40 ligand (CD40L; 10 ng/ml) in the presence or absence of BMP-6 for 72 hours.


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