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There is one unknown symbol, alongside a known alchemical symbol.

Alchemic symbols: preparation The alchemic symbols visible in the upper right corner of the right page are air, water, and copper.

A map is shown with several locations highlighted in blue circles of varying sizes.

it was revealed in the official Journal 3 that there was a page in Journal 1 about a creature called a Weremaid.

It was implied by Stanford that it is one of many examples of "why some animals should NOT breed" As seen in "A Tale of Two Stans," the final page of Journal 1 states that it is continued by Journal 2.

However, since Gideon, who had presumably studied Journal 2 extensively, didn't know there were, in fact, three journals, it can be assumed that either it does not contain a similar message, or it is written in invisible ink.


Stan responded by threatening to burn the journal, resulting in an all-out brawl between the two brothers that inadvertently activated the Universe Portal and sent Ford through it.On the right page, there is a drawing of Bill Cipher.


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