Blackberry disconnected while updating

With key and smart card prepayment systems, customers have separate top-up devices for their electricity and gas meters, and they can’t transfer credit from one meter to another.

Customers are used to this arrangement, but there may be times when they find themselves inconvenienced by having a depleted balance for one fuel and credit for the other.

Dropped calls, poor reception, incorrect music data, electrical problems, the navigation system is inoperable…..frustrated Ford drivers have called the 1-800 LEMON LAW hotline with all sort of Sync dilemmas.

Often the problem with new technologically advanced innovations is that they provide more room for error, and service advisers do not have know how to fix the issue.

And people want it to be as easy and convenient as possible.

This post looks at seven top-up innovations that could help do just that.

We will be glad to discuss the situation with you and see if/how we can help.

Topping up is arguably the most important process to get right for prepaid utility customers. Make recharging a really good user experience, and your customers will love prepaid.



If your Sync has been out of sync, give us a call at 1-800 LEMON LAW.The single wallet concept is emerging in the UK – where many households are connected to both mains gas and electricity – as the energy retailers start to define their smart pay as you go (PAYG) services.


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