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Being bisexual doesn't have to reflect the experience you've had.It describes your potential to be attracted to different genders.Your attitudes toward and experiences with sexual and/or romantic activities hold no sway over that. You know how you feel better than anyone else, and no matter what, those feelings are real and valid.i think that you know what sex you like when you find one of the sexs or both of the sex attractive in that way, once you have an experience you will now for sure but its common for teenagers to have phases or want to have experience with the same sex To anyone else reading who is going through something similar, post your own question in the forum by creating an account here (don’t worry, it’s free) and get some really great support from the rest of the community.For example, someone can be repulsed by sex and never want to have sexual relations, but can still feel attraction toward others. Another way to think of it is to ask: Does someone who is straight need to have experiences to confirm that they are straight? There are also trained listeners you can chat with anonymously if you like, support chat rooms, and you get a free growth path with self help activities.Just take the time to think your situation over and go from there.How do you know if you're straight before you've had any experience?To accept your sexuality you have to determine the attractions that you have to people.


No, absolutely not, I still think both are beautiful animals!

Experiences only help you figure out if you like those experiences.


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