Awstats not updating properly


The first step is creating an file for your domain.

This can be done by moving or copying the folder for anything of the pattern awstats conf, reading that config to generate its output.

Once this is saved you should be able to restart Apache2 and we’ll should be able to access our stats.

Restart Apache2 using: Assuming you didn’t get any errors during your stats generation, and Apache2 didn’t complain when you restarted the service, you should see statistics at this point.

I did not use this personally, but if you’d like to try it you can run: The rest of this tutorial will discuss manual configuration, but if anyone can offer feedback concerning the configure script I’m sure many would be interested.



I have seen minimal system load even when updating a dozen sites on that interval.

You should see some output here, and depending on the size of your logs it’ll take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes or hours.


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